A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss, and Hope
…one humid Nigerian evening, I walked across the street into the tall grass
again. I was hoping to find a clue; to catch a feeling; to sense her presence, but
she was gone. The tropical breeze caused the tall reed grass to rustle and the
palms to dance; yet she was nowhere to be seen. I closed my eyes, took a deep
breath, and called to her from deep within me... all was quiet; but, my memories
were still intact and I could see her standing before me, enjoying my touch,
munching on the fruit, and sharing her story. The vision caused me to smile…and
to remember my promise. ‘I will tell them your story,’ I had said, and she had
asked ‘Why?’ ‘Because, maybe it will touch someone who can make a difference;
all it takes is one.’  
an excerpt from His Eyes Upon Me

A horse listener at heart, in Straight from the Horse’s Heart: A Spiritual Ride
through Love, Loss, and Hope
, R.T. Fitch reaches deep into himself and the heart of
the horse to carve out the thirty emotionally-charged vignettes of this collection.

Touching the hearts of horse lovers, he also reaches into the quarry of men and women
who have never experienced the joy of gazing into the eyes of an equine friend. Truly,
hasn’t each of us asked for a pony at some point as a child? Haven’t most of us been
entranced by the fluid, elegant beauty of an equine Olympic competitor? Horses inspire
us, their loyalty charms us, their diligence and raw power enchants us.

Saddle up; you are in for a journey of the heart.
Straight from the Horse's Heart
Straight from the Horse's Heart:        
A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss and Hope
by R.T. Fitch
The Force of the Horse ® Series
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