R.T. And Friends
R.T. Fitch
R.T. Fitch is a jack-of-all-trades. In the past, he has worked with whales, dolphins, sea lions, and penguins
at Sea Life Park in Hawaii.

First introduced to horses by his wife, Terry, his fondness for all things equine has become an obsession.
They spent several years in Brazil where they met Terry’s current equine companion, Apache.

Once back in the US with Apache, their herd of rescued horses grew as they donated their time to support
equine rescue efforts in Texas and Louisiana. The highlight of their rescue career came during the equine
rescue efforts after hurricanes Katrina and Rita as outlined in Kye Mortensen’s book, Horses of the Storm.

An outspoken equine welfare advocate R.T. is the co-founder and President of the
Wild Horse Freedom
Federation . He and Terry live on a small farm outside of Houston Texas where they care for and enjoy
their rescued horses, two German Shepherds, cat, and resident deer.

The bulk of the proceeds from R.T.'s books are donated to
HfH and you can help the horses too, please
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Straight from the Horse's Heart:           
A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss and Hope
by R.T. Fitch
The Force of the Horse ® Series
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In the spirit of Dian Fossey, R.T. Fitch touches on a highly emotional and controversial subject in a
way that few have dared.  When the masses share his commitment to personally shoulder the
responsibility of animal welfare, the horse will be in a much better place.”   

Ky Mortensen – Author of  'Horses of the Storm'