"...unabashedly sentimental vignettes displaying Fitch’s ...commitment to

These stories—some of which the author narrates and some of which are told
by his horses—are presented as true experiences he has had with these
animals. For many years, Fitch and his wife have been committed to the
cause of abused or abandoned horses, several of which they have found
families for or brought home to live on their Texas farm. The couple is deeply
involved with
Habitat for Horses, an equine -protection organization, and a
portion of the book’s sales is earmarked for this charity."

"...the cause is laudable...the stories are...fantastic"

"He emphasizes his understanding of exactly what the animals feel and say...
can translate their feelings and yearnings...to tell the world of their plight."

"Several attractive, lively photographs appear among the 30 vignettes"

"A worthwhile cause..."

4.0 out of 5 stars Let's hear it for the horses, February 22, 2009

By         Cheryl K (CO)

Straight from the horse's heart: A spiritual ride through love, loss, and hope
is the true story about R.T. Fitch, his wife Terry, and their love of animals,
which include Ethan, Harley, Apache, Bart, Pele, and their dog, Niki.

While living in Brazil, a friend of Terry's thought she should get a horse. It
was there that they acquired Apache. After moving back to the states, the
Fitch's and Apache made their home in Texas. They later acquired Ethan, the
leader and speaker of the group, Harley, sidekick and buddy to Ethan, Bart
and Pele. Pele was the youngest of the group. The first time that Mr. Fitch
heard Ethan speak to him, he couldn't believe his ears. After that it was a
normal thing to have conversations with Ethan and Harley. It was from Ethan
and the rest of the horses that Mr. Fitch was able to find the courage to take
a stand. He petitioned to stop horses from being shipped to slaughter houses.

I fell in love with everyone from R.T to Pele. It was like I was part of the
family. You can't help but experience a connection to these great animals
when you read this book. The illustrations in this book were like pieces of
art. They were breathtaking. The relationship that Mr. Fitch had with his
horses is amazing. It just goes to show you that if we all took a moment to
slow down and listen, we just might be surprised as what we hear. Mr. Fitch
sits as an active member and voice as part of the board of directors for
Habitat for Horses. Straight from the horse's heart: A spiritual ride through
love, loss, and will tear at your heart strings and make you want to stand up
and shout "Save the Horses".

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, heartfelt book, February 14, 2009

By         Diana Barlow (Falls Church, VA United States)

I loved this book, it really tugs on your heartstrings. It is beautifully written,
and a real page turner. I had read several of R.T.'s stories before, and could
not resist an entire bookful. The book did not disappoint!! One warning - you
will need a box of tissues close by!

4.0 out of 5 stars While I doubt the communication, I understand where the
author is coming from, February 6, 2009

By         Charles Ashbacher "(cashbacher@yahoo.com)" (Marion, Iowa
United States(cashbacher@yahoo.com))

For eleven years, I owned an acreage where I raised cattle and other
livestock. I spent a great deal of time with the cattle, each had their own
name and I often fed them by hand. When the stresses of life increased, I
would walk out to the barn in cold weather or to the pasture when it was
warm and commune with them. If you pay attention, you recognize unique
personalities and can recognize the meaning of different sounds they make
and even determine which one made the "moo."
The author of this book is a lover of horses and his claim is that his horses
have communicated telepathically with him. He writes with great passion
about the cruelty that some horses have suffered from and his efforts to end
the slaughter of horses for food. I am certainly in complete agreement about
the cruelty; there is no logic or sense to starving or neglecting animals. I
firmly support efforts to make such behavior a crime.
However, while I was never in telepathic contact with my cattle, at times I
could sense their feelings so I do not vehemently reject the idea that the
author communicated with his horses. I do not consider it to be likely, but
from my experiences, I can certainly understand where he is coming from.

4.0 out of 5 stars Straight from the Horse's Heart, January 28, 2009
By         RT2 "Super T" (Talleytown, La. USA)

In his 1st work Author Fitch has somehow managed to intertwine
controversial issues, heart felt emotions and real wit into a meaningful and
well written book. His writing style and use of words is refreshing in itself.
Strongly recommended for any adult.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brave and Beautiful, January 27, 2009
By         Loch D. Henson "Ms. Loch" (Sacramento, CA United States)

This was a devastating, beautiful book. Very approachable, very engaging,
and very emotionally honest.

5.0 out of 5 stars Straight From The Author's Heart, January 12, 2009
By         Chris J. Ziegler

It is quite obvious the Author has a deep respect and insight with our Equine
friends and all animals. This insight and ability to put these feelings in print,
for us all to share, is astonishing. It is a true pleasure to absorb these
wonderful, heartfelt stories. Let us hope he will continue to publish more
experiences for us to enjoy.

5.0 out of 5 stars Pure equine love and so much more . . ., April 5, 2009
By         Sandra Church "Rimrock Humane Society" (Roundup, MT USA)

From the moment I took my first breath on this earthly plane, the hoof beats
of our equine cousins danced on my heart. From the sighs of my exasperated
Mother seeing "horse" listed as number one on my Christmas list every year
to receiving my first horse from my adoring husband, horses have been
involved in every aspect of my life. So, with that heart set I entered into
author R.T. Fitch's "Straight from the Horses Heart". The pages turned
quickly while I laughed, cried and intently followed the author's travel
through self introspection, discovery and eternal love. I giggled at the antics
of sweet Pele, sat in wonder of the wisdom of Ethan and enjoyed the
interaction of Mr. Fitch's herd comparing it to my own. Entwined through
these chapters of life with equines, is the horrific tale of slaughter; the
horror, the agony and the strife that man has put upon our noble hooved
brethren. The world must know of this horror; ignorance is not bliss and we
cannot turn away from the ugliness of this travesty! Slaughtering the very
animals that have been man's partner throughout history - our thanks for
their service? I think NOT! I truly wish to thank author R.T. Fitch for
bringing not only the issue of horse slaughter to the forefront but for also
clearly capturing the equine spirit in these pages. We have so much to learn
from our animal friends; I pray that Mr. Fitch will continue his journey (as
we all should) and share with us a continuance of Straight From the Heart . .
. I know Ethan beams with pride . . . it IS so!
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